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Q: Is your crankshaft Brand new or Remanufactured?
A: All are Cranks are Remanufactured grind or polished ready to use.

Q: Does the crankshaft need to be Balance?
A: No, all crankshafts are original factory balanced ready to use.

Q: What size is Honda cranks?
A: All the Honda Cranks are Standard heat treated crankshaft polished ready to use.

Q: Do you grind crankshaft to a specific measurements?
A: Yes we can grind crankshaft any size.

Q: Do you charge tax?
A: All California residents will be charged the average California tax. All non-California residents will not be charged tax.

Q: How much is the shipping for Alaska, Hawaii, PR, Gum, Virgin Island, MI?
A: The shipping cost is $100.00.

Q: How much is shipping cost for international?
A: All shipping is determined by weight and location.

Q: How long will it take for my order to ship?
A: All orders Usually ship the next day.

Q: How long will take to receive my order?
A: Not counting the day your item is shipped! West Coast States take 1-2 business day. Mid-West States 2-3 business days, Mid–East States 3-4 Business Days, and East Coast States take 4-5 business days.

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